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Sensitive and rather fickle with your moods, you may find yourself feeling a bit insecure and uncertain. Because of this uncertainty, you are often plagued with indecision. At times you may become impatient and act on impulse.

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A tendency to worrying about others opinions and attitudes towards you can create a desire to please when it would be best to focus on what works for you. You are inclined to focus on your appearance, making you sensitive to any perceived slight, when it would be better for you to develop self-confidence and embrace your individuality. Your immediate environment has a large impact on you, therefore be mindful of the situations you put yourself in and how they may affect you.

The maternal figure in your childhood had a heavy influence on many of your traits and behaviours and more than likely continues to do so, for better or worse. When choosing a career, be mindful to acquire something that allows you to connect with the work emotionally as otherwise you will be deeply dissatisfied as a whole.

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It is important for you to be able to be authentic and express your individuality within your chosen vocation. You have an aptitude for articulating your views in both the written and spoken word and probably have a flair for languages in general; you might do well in the field of translation. You tend to be open-minded and easy-going with your ideas. Always interested in learning, especially in regards to philosophy or religious studies, you might find yourself teaching others or being a lifelong student.

Due to your ability to express yourself, you may do well selling to the public, such as with advertising, though you are also likely to pursue law or justice in some way. You are out-going, diplomatic, and welcoming, with numerous supportive social contacts.

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You must be mindful that your social group is not a bad influence on you, enabling you to indulge in circumstances that are not good for your well-being. Having a way with making others comfortable in your presence, it is important for you to watch out for yourself, as you may be taken advantage of by doing too much to make sure others are pleased. You take great joy in social gatherings and long to unwind comfortably with your friends on a regular basis.

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You have many acquaintances as well as a large group of enthusiastic friends, and you are often a leader in social gatherings. There is a tendency to give a lot of yourself to your companions; therefore it is imperative that the people you form strong bonds with do not have a bad influence on you. This placement denotes a probability that either you will try to use your friends, or they will try to use you. Either way, you are quite involved in group events. In addition, you possess strong wants, hopes, and aspirations. You are blessed with a large group of friends and acquaintances that are willing to go the distance for you, and vice versa.

Many of these contacts are likely to be from overseas or have a unique background. You enjoy the company of those that are well-informed and have high ideals. Engaging socially is sometimes too important to you and you may put forward more effort and energy into this than may be wise. You are a loyal friend and well-liked by others, especially those in powerful places. Coordinating group gatherings comes naturally to you and you are likely to be an advocate for humanitarian groups and organizations.

You are diligent in your work as well as frugal with your spending; you are willing to wait as long as is necessary for what is important to you. There is a tendency to suppress your sexuality or not allow yourself to fully engage with others due to your continuous search for monetary safety.

However, it would be most beneficial for you to convert this energy into spiritual growth and insight that can best be achieved by learning to understand the people you form partnerships with on a deeper level. What good is having money when you have lost yourself? There may be a theme of abuse present in your life, some sort of challenge concerning sex, or possibly trouble with a desire to control others or them controlling you.


It will be important for you to learn to temper your strong sensuality. There may be complications involving anything having to do with finances or their institutions. A traditional partner is not for you, as you prefer someone a bit more eccentric and unusual. Neither you nor your romantic partners want to walk on the same path as the general public, but rather create your own. It is likely that you or your partner enjoy surprising others with your unconventional preferences.

Personal independence is an important factor in your relationship, and commitments may feel unnecessary to you. You may even seek out partners who are unavailable as these romantic involvements promise no commitment from the start. Due to the unconventional nature characteristic to most of your relationships, your partnerships may baffle both yourself and others. Unique yet fascinating people tend to surround you. It is unwise for you or your partner to attempt to dominate one another, as this will only cause problems.

Try to find a balance between your independence and the time you and your partner spend with one another; you may both require much space for a relationship to work. Easily feeling trapped by any restrictions stemming from your partnership, you must be given a great deal of room to grow. Long-distance relationships may appeal to you, as this sort of partnership has a more relaxed feel to it and you may continue to live your life as you please. Mental stimulation is an important quality that you desire from your partner, as you like a challenge.

You also prefer that information is readily exchanged between you and your partner. You are most interested in an original individual who can be artistic, sociable, and not afraid to go against the crowd. An intelligent, eccentric wild child with a great deal of charm may be just your ticket. It may be easier for you to engage in platonic relationships than something as involved as marriage, though when you do decide to settle down, you expect an idealistic partnership where you and your significant other are good friends.

In fact, friendship is probably how you found your mate. However, this placement denotes an inclination towards frivolous affairs that provide a short-lived thrill but will cause conflict with your significant other.

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One of the greatest challenges in your partnerships happens when personal growth occurs at a greater pace in one partner than in the other. This growth may be so extreme that the person that entered the marriage originally no longer exists. Your career does not tend to follow the usual path; instead you will encounter odd shifts and circumstances revolving your journey towards success. Be careful to stay practical in your endeavours as you are easily swayed into an unrealistic mind-set, daydreaming with rose-coloured glasses on, instead of seeing things for what they truly are.

Creativity in one form or another is likely to be part of your profession and you may find yourself involved with art, photography, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, advertising, humanitarian or charitable efforts, or metaphysics. Publicly, your reputation may swing from one end to another, often without a foreseeable cause.

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It is possible that you felt unwanted or excluded by either of your parents. Your intuition is very strong, often psychic. You may even feel as though you visit other realms while you are sleeping. Having a strong interest in how and why things work the way they do, you are likely to be drawn to religious studies and philosophical topics. Very independent in your own beliefs, you may need to be careful not to brush off the beliefs of others as this would be unfavourable to you in the long run.

Do not become obsessed with your own ideas but rather try to accept other points of view. You have an intense drive to get to the truth, desiring a deep understanding of everything you come across. You may go through a type of rebirth or regeneration through your dreams, spiritual or philosophical experiences, or travels. You may study too hard and cause yourself mental stress; try to pace yourself.

In addition, be open-minded to listening to others rather than insisting that you are correct. The Sabian Symbols are a set of symbolic declarations that correspond with each of the degrees of the astrological zodiac chart wheel, starting at Aries degree number 1 and finishing with Pisces degree number In modern times, they are commonly used by astrologers in order to deeply understand the significance of planets that are occupying a particular degree of the zodiac.

Sabian Symbol: A young bride watches on as her groom grabs her veil. Kozminsky Symbol: A rearing horse is difficult for the horseman to restrain.

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Sabian Symbol: A bluebird lands on the cottage door. Kozminsky Symbol: Gold coin bags fall into the sea. Sabian Symbol: A large white cross sits isolated on top of a mountain with significant presence. Kozminsky Symbol: An approaching storm shows up in the clouds covering half of the moon.

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Sabian Symbol: A depressed man is helped by guardian angels that he cannot see. Kozminsky Symbol: Quartz crystal rocks have veins of the finest gold. Sabian Symbol: A retired sea captain longs for the freedom of the docks, ships and sea. Kozminsky Symbol: From a glistening of color-waves, an amazingly formed foot is rising. Sabian Symbol: A dove and an eagle change back and forth into each other.

Kozminsky Symbol: An elected official gives a speech to his people. Sabian Symbol: Massive granite formations are overhanging a deep canyon. Sabian Symbol: Crowding the barn floor, dancing couples during a harvest festival are circling about. Kozminsky Symbol: Ivy is growing over a stone pile. Sabian Symbol: In the forest, there is an abandoned home which has a fire mysteriously blazing. Kozminsky Symbol: Feeling dejected and abandoned, a group waits outside of a large bank.

Sabian Symbol: On his cottage patio, a retired sea-captain rocks in his rocking chair. Kozminsky Symbol: At noon, the sun shines on an ancient oak tree. Sabian Symbol: An Incan mother pleads to the chief for the lives of her children. Kozminsky Symbol: A professor at a university is lecturing in front of his class. Sabian Symbol: On a sheet of parchment paper is drawn a family tree. Toggle navigation. Moon discordant to Uranus. Venus blending with Jupiter. Jupiter harmonizing with Uranus.