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As stated, the animals are in the bottom half of the picture and near the earth.

This tells of our basic bestial drives and nature. The sanguine man is different from the others for he has two beast associated with him. One is in the upper half of the picture near the heavenly realm and speaks to us of our of our mentality and higher nature. It shows intellectual victory over our bestial nature, a good use of our vitality and strength. This is the good side of choleric temperament.

Traditional astrology. Looking forward by looking back.

A golden lion is the colour of the sun and noble by association. The lion is traditionally the king of beasts, strong and valiant, calm and contented. But the lion hints at the terrors of a darker more, tempestuous side found within the choleric nature. Just like the lion this man can be fidgety, restless and aggressive, quick to anger with a possible savage side.

The lion warns of a bloodthirsty nature that kills without remorse with its teeth and claws as sharp as any dagger or sword. The monkey is human like and linked to our inquisitiveness and curiosity about the world we live in. They are amusing, entertaining and chatter in a way that is reminiscent of human speech. For all the aforementioned reasons monkeys have been linked with intelligence throughout the ages.

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With a playful, energetic way of behaving which makes them tricky to catch or pin down, they are symbolic of an opportunistic nature and duplicity in all forms which includes sexual duplicity. But all these traits and antics belie their total lack of human understanding. Almost human but not human, we are warned to be on our guard in our dealings with the sanguine man. The falcon is a creature of the air and signifies acute perception, discernment and freedom as it flies high above the earth.

This reflects the mind of its owner, constantly on the lookout. For although the sanguine man appears to be the calmest of the four men his mind is sharp and never at rest.

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It can instantly spring into action just like the falcon. The falcon can also symbolise cruelty for it focuses its energies and attributes on the killing of less agile and aware animals. Sheep are passive animals and need to be protected. Shy, gentle and timid in nature they are easily frightened.

How Temperament Type Can Influence Your Career

Since they flock together they are regarded as lacking individuality giving them the reputation of being easily led or even stupid. The ewe is regarded as a passive and harmless animal and the lamb is a very ancient symbol of innocence and vulnerability.

The 4 Temperaments

Sheep have been used in sacrifices since the earliest of times. The ram however is seen as something completely different. It is a symbol of vitality and unwavering determination. Each temperament describes a pattern of emotional or behavioral responses to external events, she wrote, with your innate emotional response tending to remain stable at first, with some having quick emotional responses to everything.

Sanguines, she said, exhibit fast, strong reactions that last for a short period of time. You tend to feel more enthusiastic about talking about endeavors instead of doing them.

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You can learn from the other temperaments the value of taking life slower at times and that could even include taking a nap now and then. Want to research something? Go for it. As a rule, people of sanguine and choleric temperament types belong to extroverts. Unlike extroverts, extreme introverts have a higher basic rate of arousal, which explains their preference for less stimulating environments: stimuli in their brains need to run through a long pathway for planning and solving problems.

That is why predictable situations and time alone are more pleasant for introverts. To avoid fatigues, stresses, or even depressions at work, people of this psychological type choose careers which:. Melancholics and phlegmatics are those believed to be introverts. A Japanese study moved beyond and said that introverts were even healthier than extroverts!

Astrology and temperament

Who could have thought, huh? More than that, innies are better in communicating and writing.

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As psychologist Brian Little says,. The differences between extroverts and introverts are scientifically explained , as well as the peculiarities of ambiverts who are called more successful and influential. So, knowing where you are on that introversion-extroversion scale makes a big difference in improving a productivity outcome.

The same goes for knowing your individual type on the scale of four core temperaments. Depending on strengths and weaknesses of each, you can learn how to apply them for more efficient work and career development. Take a test , find it out, and check your characteristics below. Your temperament is a permanent psychological nature determining how you think, feel, and interact.

It reflects decisions and behavior, so knowing your abilities and characteristics could help to benefit from them. As already mentioned above, four basic temperament types consist of sanguine , choleric , phlegmatic , and melancholic where the first two belong to extroverts while the last two are considered introverts. This type is typical for air zodiac signs, associated with blood fluid. Do you belong to sanguines? Big chances are you are an easy-going, flexible, and dynamic person, task-oriented and no slouch at critical thinking. Careers perfect for sanguines: sales, PR, customer service, marketing, travel, sports, and entertainment. The most ambitious of all the temperaments, cholerics are competitive, goal-oriented, motivational, and often climbing into positions of leadership. A perfect example of a choleric manager is Steve Jobs. Belonging to this type, you are practical, logical, analytical, and straightforward. Careers perfect for cholerics: business, law, technology, security, management, engineering, and statistics.

Relaxed phlegmatics live in harmony with others. Top characteristics of this temperament are self-control, patience, fixity of habits, and high effectiveness.

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Careers perfect for phlegmatics: nursing, education, psychology, office work, assistant roles, human or social services. The last but not least, a melancholic temperament type belongs to diligent and accurate introverted individuals, thoughtful loners and analytical thinkers.

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Task-oriented, they better work alone or in small groups. Careers perfect for melancholics: research, art, science, accounting, administration, and social work.