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Because negative emotions are not meant to be suppressed.

They are actually messages from your subconscious that something wrong is happening in your life. So respect their warnings and engage in a healthy fight with whoever has gotten you all wrung up and annoyed.


It will air out the bad feelings and help the two of you find a solution. Defeat strikes us all, Leo. There's nothing you can do about that. So if your heart seems to be broken right now, don't brush it under the rug and pretend everything is okay. Energetically throwing yourself into your work will not make the hurt go away.

Instead, give yourself the love and attention you desire this week and let your wounded heart mourn like a baby. You will feel much better for having let the pain out. If you have been overly focused on your partner or your non-existent love life for some time now, Virgo, you need to straighten your head this week and focus on your passions and goals in life.

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If you let your dreams die on the wayside because you were busy worrying about things you cannot control or people who won't change, you will end up a shell of the person you are right now and embittered to your core. So let your love life rest for now and stride forth to pursue your dreams and ambitions. A relationship cannot sustain itself on love and emotional support, Libra. You need money to fend for yourself in this world.

So focus on your finances this week. It will help you out tremendously. Just be patient while you are at it. Money, like crops, takes a while to be ready for harvesting. This week our heart will be happier than it has been in a long time, Scorpio, and that will stir up anxiety in you. Stop yourself when that happens. Good and bad are equal parts of life. November 7: Jupiter changes your mood from indecision to determination. November 6: Work on a relationship so it gives you more of what you want. November 5: Venus helps you recognise your soulmate and a name starting with 'H'.

How do I find my zodiac sign, what does it mean and how does the zodiac work? November 4: Powerful Saturn goes deeper into your sign and gives you willpower. November 3: Lose the idea of perfection and open up your heart to potential. November 1: The sun boosts your energy and you are ready to seize opportunities.

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October If you start the day single, you could have fallen in love by 8pm. October Romance is set to become stronger as Venus gets ready to move on. October As the moon of love takes over, you find it easy to attract people.

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Luckily for you Virgos, Venus the Goddess of love and beauty in your sign is the one bright spot in an otherwise tempestuous week. Mars the planet of energy currently retrograding in your 6th house of hard work and wellbeing, and Uranus, the planet of surprises out of phase in your spiritual zone heat things up midweek.

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With your ruler Mercury, the planet of common sense and words out of phase in your self-renewal zone, now is not the time to make moves. You have to sit tight and wait Mercury retrograde out until August There could very well be cosmic dragons lurking around the outskirts of your world this week Virgos. Mercury your ruler is going out of phase in your self-renewal zone through August 19, which will make many of you want to bunker down and ignore the world.

A tricky Venus-Neptune opposition on the 24th signals there could be unexpected situations regarding love and finances arise. Venus is in your sign while Neptune is in Pisces, your relationship zone. Pick up the exercise pace Virgos and resync your FitBit. Venus the Goddess of love and beauty continues her journey through your sign this week, making it the perfect time to fall in love or do something to beautify you and your surroundings. Note to self Virgos. Mercury your cosmic ruler, the planet of communication and clear thinking is getting ready to go out of phase July 26 — August 19 in your past karma and self-renewal zone.

Your Zodiac Sign's Love Tarot Card Horoscope For The Week Of October 14 - 20, 12222

The Goddess of love, beauty and money matters sets up her department store counter in your sign this week where she stays for the next month. Now that you know that Virgos, work harder to appreciate the smaller pleasantries in life and the people around you. Jupiter the planet of networking and unexpected moves direct in your communication zone this week. The time to say it will come up this week. In fact being able to help other people talk things through and find the common core is one of your attributes as a Virgo. It will be in big demand this week for sure.

July 28 a Full Moon in Capricorn transits your 5th house of romance, self-fulfillment and creativity making this a great time for you to do something special with your other half. Keep in mind that your ruler Mercury is set to go out of phase in your sign later in July, so getting organized and dealing with important matters now is a good idea. Summer is here Virgos!

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  7. The cosmic highlight of the week is the Sun joining Mercury the wordster in Cancer, your 11th house of hopes,wishes and friendship. Plan a party or a BBQ to celebrate the most special season and if there is any beef between you and a close friend, now is the time to squash it. Your ruler Mercury, the wordster makes a move into your 11th house of hopes, wishes and friendship this week.

    If you still have lingering issues with someone close to you or who you used to be close with now is the time to find a way to fix those issues Virgos. A special New Moon this week is in fact a SuperMoon shining on your 10th house of career and ambition. This is the perfect time to throw your hat in for that promotion or transfer. Or ask your employer to pay for a course you want to take to improve your skills. June is an inspiring month for you Virgos as long as you are prepared to let go of preconceived ideas and notions and change your tune about things.

    Your ruler Mercury and the Sun continue to chill out in your career and ambition zone, making this a great time for you to push through whatever glass ceiling is holding you back and make the very most of all work related opportunities in front of you. Ask and you shall receive is your motto at this time. This week is filled with fire and air energy so you may feel rushed or put upon in some way Virgos. You like to do things your way and in your own good time, so do that Virgos. A Full Moon in your domestic zone will help you sort out something that has been bothering you at home. It could also be time you finally sign on the dotted line to put your home on the market Virgos.

    With Mercury the communicator and Uranus the planet of the unexpected transiting your 10th house of career and ambition this week, you need to find ways to stand out from the work crowd Virgos. Use your connections and work hard and you will definitely feel as if you are moving forward with your dreams and schemes. Now is the time to prove just how special you are and how indispensable you are to those you work with and work for.

    In your 9th house of spirituality and philosophy, Uranus and a New Moon stir things up for you and could have you rethinking something you had previously made your mind up about. Venus the planet of love and money shifts gears and sets up her cosmic workshop in your 11th house of relationships and hopes and wishes for the next month.

    Bring it on home with the Taurus Full Moon!

    Things might get tricky on Monday May 7, with a Mercury- Pluto square that inclines toward secretive communications and in some cases even manipulations and later that same day a Venus-Neptune square that brings up the possibility of deceit and illusion in social or financial matters.